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The bomber Rotherhithe’s Revenge had been the latest addition to three other planes that were part of the U.S Eighth Army Air Force Bomber Station. The other three were named Bermondsey Battler, London Avenger and Bermondsey Special. The four planes were known at the time as the Bermondsey War Loan Fleet of American Bombers.

Most of the Eighth Bomb Group could boast of long serving aircraft and the 381st was no exception, having several rugged B-17’s that had managed to complete over 100 combat missions. One of the two most famous aircraft was Rotherhithe’s Revenge which had been purchased by contributions from the people of Bermondsey

Bob Gilbert S/Sgt, 35 missions Ball Turret Gunner, Goldin crew 381st Bomb Gp., 533rd Bomb Squadron informed…………
"She was scrapped in Kingman Arizona on November 28th, 1945. Our crew, the Goldin crew, flew her several times including our 2nd mission to the heavily defended Cologne, Germany. She was really beat up from battle damage but very tough, which made her a good representative of the tough Brits living in London at that time. As I remember her she was usually lagging the rest of the formation due to her slowness caused by so many patches and repairs."

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