Mayor Alfred Henley

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Mayor Alfred Henley

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Mayor Alfred Henley worked non-stop during the Blitz, often sleeping in his office. He would help where the need was the greatest in those dark days.
Mayor Henley was killed by enemy action on 11th May 1941 outside the Bermondsey Town Hall in Spa Road. This night was the last real night of the “Night Blitz” of 1940/41.
On that sad night he and his brother had just finished some electrical repairs at the Municipal Offices when they heard that Peek Frean’s shelter had been hit. He summoned his driver, Eddie, to take him along to help but was hit by shrapnel from a bomb in Spa Road. He later died of his wounds in hospital. Henley Drive just around the corner is named after him and there is a block of flats named after him too.
Bermondsey Town Hall,Spa Road..jpg
Bermondsey Town Hall,Spa Road

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