Druid Street Arch Bombing

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Druid Street Arch Bombing

Postby roymal » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:53 pm

Druid Street Arch.jpg
Druid Street Arch

If anyone can shed more light on the History of this, he would be grateful thanks.
Druid Street Plaque.jpg
Druid Street Plaque

Born in Bermondsey. Evacuated during the war to Frimley near Farmborough Surrey.
Currently living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada.

The attached plaque that I understand is mounted on the wall close to Abbey Street where I was born, commemorates the arch where my father mother, and sister were killed on October 25 1940.

Any more information would be much appreciated thanks.


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Re: Druid Street Arch Bombing

Postby roymal » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:06 pm

Hello Bermondseyboy,

I realize that most of your Forum Members are much younger than me, but I do have an interesting story that is connected with Bermondsey.

As you can tell from my profile, my wife and I emigrated to Canada in 1957, and are now living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

One night about 25 years ago, on my way home on the ferry from work in Halifax, a woman sat next to me who had a distinctive cockney accent.
I started chatting with her and mentioned that I was born in Bermondsey,she said that was where she was born. Then I said that I lived on Abbey Street, blow me down if she didn't say that was where she lived.
I thought that is where the coincidence would end but no, just imagine my surprise when I said that our family lived in the slums of Monarch Buildings. That was also where she lived. I then said we lived in no. 2, and she used to lived directly above us in no. 4.

Well, I bumped into her again the following year in a store near us and she had just returned from a visit to her mother who was still alive and her mother said how she always remembered the Wilcox family, especially those little perishers who made so much noise on the landings.

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Re: Druid Street Arch Bombing

Postby kiwi » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:28 am

The air raid shelter that took a direct hit in 1940s disaster. Druid Street, Southwark, London,
Bermondsey suffered the largest number of bombs in London during the blitzes of the Second World War. This was because of the areas proximity to the Thames and main railway interchanges. Here at the Druid Street Arches was one of the many arches along the rail track which were used as shelter during air raids.

The area under the arch was used as a social club and billiards hall during the day. At night, it was transformed into a sanctuary from the bombing. The ominous sound of the sirens were the cue for local people to congregate as quickly as possible in a bid for safety.

On the night of 25 October 1940, hundreds of people were sheltering like this at Druids Arch during an air raid.

It received a direct hit. Many were killed instantly and many died later of their injuries. The final death toll was 87. Druids Arch marks the site of the worst disaster in Southwark. It is remembered today by those who survived the Second War World and by their families.

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