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Re: War Memorials

Postby Jenner » Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:47 pm

kiwi wrote:A memorial to Bermondsey men who fell during World War One, at 2 Old Jamaica Road, the site of the old military training centre, which is currently being converted into flats.
The grade-listed memorial details the names of 970 men who served in the 22nd Battalion of the Queen’s Regiment, which used to be housed in the old building. Most of the men were from the old Bermondsey Borough.
“When the battalion left in 1915 it was almost exclusively Bermondsey men. This should be important to the community. We are honouring these men by coming together to show that even after the military training centre as gone, the importance of these men still remains.”
War Memorial.jpg

The drill hall, I knew it as. My parents met at a dance there! The WW1 soldiers who trained in it were territorials who often worked for Bevingtons, the leatherworks behind it. They were known as the 'Lilliput Lancers' because all ranks used to drink at the Lil' pub opposite.

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Re: War Memorials

Postby kiwi » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:53 am

Hi Jenner, welcome to the site and thank you for the information and the memory of your parents meeting. Pictures are great, but it's the stories and memories that bring them to life.
Cheers Kiwi. :)

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Re: War Memorials

Postby big.makk » Wed Dec 02, 2020 5:39 pm

I am conducting research into the loss of a Lancaster bomber in 1945 near Leipzig, (East) Germany and all it's crew of seven were killed in action on a mission to destroy a synthetic oil factory. Have so far traced five sets of modern day relatives of the crew and am now looking for the sixth.
Arthur William SNELLING was born 1922 in Canada, but the family returned to Bermondsey, 112 Snowfields, not that long afterwards.
The family, Frederick b. 1896 and Mary Ann (Ragan) b. 1896, with elder brothers Frederick John b. 1916, and Alfred b. 1919, later lived at various houses in Alice Street, Vine Lane and Tooley Street, Bermondsey. I believe Mary Ann died in Southwark in 1968 but haven't found anything so far about Frederick.
Arthur's brother Frederick John married Margaret E. Langton in 1938 and I believe they had a son Frederick Henry b. 1938. He possibly died in the Inville Road area in 2019 but have been unable to trace any further information about him.
I am basically after any information about the family, particularly if there are any surviving relatives, and more so any information to construct an obituary of Arthur William, along with a possible photograph. We have some photo's of the crew but are not yet sure of all their identities.
Also are there any war memorials in the Bermondsey area that may have his name inscribed upon it?
Has anyone done any research of WW2 casualties from the Bermondsey area?
I believe that his elder brother served with the R.A.O.C. in WW2 and was captured in Singapore in 1941. He was interred in Changhi jail, amongst other places, but did survive the war to come home to his family, presumably in the Bermondsey area.
Many thanks in advance
Stewart McLoughlin
Preston Branch-Lancashire Family History Society

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