Arrowsmith Family

A little bit about yourself growing up in Bermondsey
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Arrowsmith Family

Postby owlygirl » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:47 pm

Hello everyone - I was born in 1957 in Guys Hospital. I lived at 35 Storks Rd, Bermondsey, SE16 until I was 7 years old. We then moved to Sutton Dwellings in Chilton Grove. I've been living abroad in New Zealand for nearly 40 years but have come home at last. It's great to be home. Does anyone on this site know the Arrowsmith Family? My Dad was Lesley Arrowsmith and his Mum was Jane Johanna Isobel Arrowsmith, nee MacGuire. They lived in Reverdy Rd, Quinn Buildings, Russell Scott buildings and Storks Rd. My Great Great Great Grandfather was John MAcGuire - he was a slate merchant. I think his business was on the corner of Reverdy Rd and Southwark Park Rd. long gone obviously... I see half of Storks Rd has been removed and flats built across where the road used to intersect with the old Off Licence... It's amazing what you remember when you find yourself staring at the place where you used to live. Southwark Park has changed a little but not too much.. St James Park with the big old slide and the mats has gone... there's only a small park area there now.
I went to Alma School for a few years too. If anyone recognises anything I have mentioned and has some photos I would love to see them.
I recently took my New Zealand partner to Manzes Pies n Mash shop in Tower Bridge Rd... Nothing has changed there... It was amazing :D

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Re: Arrowsmith Family

Postby Jimbo » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:28 pm

Hi Owlygirl
I was born and lived in Bermondsey till 1969, I had an uncle that worked for a roofing material suppliers called Macguires in Raymouth Road for a number of years.wonder if it may be connected with your family

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