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Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:40 pm
by reddinrj
It is really great to come back to the Bermondsey Boy site,it looks great and makes me feel good after a long time away.Born in Bermondsey in 1944 in Pages Walk near the Vic pub,went to WebbStreet school in 1955 Tower Bridge secondary school Riley Road and Cordwainers Tec College 1958 to 1959.Moved out of London in 1972 to Kidbrooke,1982 moved along to Shooters Hill Road,2004 moved to Strood Kent,2009 moved to Hythe Kent. It would be nice to hear from old school friends Raymond Shepherd Wally Simpson,David Pizzie,Michael Axford and many more but at my age you wonder. Ray Reddin.

Re: Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:50 pm
by rodebdon
Hello Ray,
I should have been born in Pages Walk but the war messed that up along with lots of other things, woman in labour were often sent to less dangerous places like Woking were l was in fact born in 1943. Mum took me back to Harrold Estate were l lived. My first school was Webb Street an then onto Tower Bridge, as with many of the Bermondsey boys and girls on this site our pathes would have crossed even though we may not have been friends.l am hoping to be more involved in this site again as it is a great place to be.

Roderick Ebdon.


Re: Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:48 am
by kiwi
Hi Rod,
Good to hear from you, as you say our paths must have crossed all those years ago. I was born in 1942 so we would have been at Webb Street School at the same time, then onto Tower Bridge, though I wasn’t there long, they decided that they could do without me, but that’s another story.
In fact, it was the best thing for me only I never liked Tower Bridge School from the day I arrived. It caused a bit of a problem for my mum only she couldn’t find a school that would take me, hence going of the manor to John Harvard in Union Street, Borough.
Well Rod looking forward to you getting more involved with the site, only it does get rather lonely at times, in the mean time have a Good Christmas and All the best for the New Year to you and the family.
Ray (kiwi)

Re: Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:30 pm
by kiwi
Post from Old Site.
I grew up in the 60s on the Old Kent rd..My folks owned the corner shop. Ossory rd/ Old Kent Road..I went to Coburg rd School...Have fond memorys of playing on the bomb sites ( and there was a lot of them ). My best friends at the time were,, Tony Sparks from coopers rd..Colin Warwick from the prefabs down Glengal rd. Pat and Danny Gillingham..Still see Tony from time to time..Although i now live in California i still follow Millwall and bump into Tony in Budapset,,Anyone remember the Avondale youth club and the ruff tuff and tumble club..Remember our yearly camping holiday,,we thought we were in another country,,we actualy went to Sidcup..Lol Sidcup for two weeks camping...Bermondsey in my heart..
Andy Hewitt/ California USA.
By britarms.

Re: Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:56 am
by kiwi
Original Post by ardfat (2011)
I started my driving career at Hatchers in Bermondsey street in the time the horses were being retired. I remember being amazed at the power and size of them, the blacksmith who used to shoe them was in the street opposite behind Nicky Nastress sweet shop. I moved on to work for Halpin’s in cherry garden street, up at 3am pick up my lorry (TK Bedford with a 40-foot trailer) and off up the A40 to Wales. Pick up carpet underlay from Dunlop’s factory in Brynmawr and back down to London again. Drivers I remember Ray Cornish, Brian Myers, who in later years had his own Transport business (BJ Myers ltd) would be nice to know what happened to him. Moved on to Richardson’s of Hull, opposite the Lilliput Hall pub by the drill hall, my lorry there was an 8-wheel AEC Mammoth with a dangler (30mph flat out) too hot in summer freezing cold in winter.
Richardson’s of Hull, vehicle’s in Transport Topic, could one of these be like the one you drove.? Kiwi.

Re: Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:15 am
by kiwi
Original Posts by John Miller
Born in Bermondsey in 1950, the eldest of four children born to Rose & John, all my family lived there. My Grandfather and Grandmother (May & John) lived at 120 Amos estate ( Mays Cafe ) which was opposite an oil transport company ( Younghusband & Barns ), my Father was a Stevedore in Surrey docks as were most of my relations.
He left the docks in the early fifties to become a lorry driver and then went on to become a Publican and licensee of The Queens Head 33 Paradise Street from around 1962 up to 1968. and then on to The New Portland Arms in Wandsworth up to 1972. Both my Father and Grandfather are in the documentary Walk Down Any Street calling time in the usual manner for Publicans. Every night was party night for me imagine having your front room being a bar every night and you get the picture, sadly both my Father and Grandfather have passed on but great to see them in the documentary again after all these years.
Many happy memories of Bermondsey and still a big chunk forever locked in my memory.
John Miller

Hi John.
I’ve been trying to remember the name of the café on Amos Estate for ages, and then up it pops. We used to stop there most afternoons on our way back from East London to Bricklayers Arms Depot; I was working as a van boy on the railway then, round about 1958/59. I see your Grandmothers name was May, was the café named after her and would she be the lady who served us. Can still remember the beans on toast I used to have, also though I could be wrong as It’s such a long time ago but did your Nan make bread pudding and sell It in the café, it just rings a bell. Strangely enough I would not be surprised if your dad had not pulled a pint for me when he was in The Queens Head in Paradise Street.

Hi Kiwi.
Yes, was probably my grandmother that served you and the cafe was named after her, bread pudding which I do believe was on the menu and another few favourites were bread and dripping & bubble & squeak to name a few a proper transport Café.

Today’s Bermondsey is not my Bermondsey but the memories stay the same, Kiwi. :)

Re: Growing up in Bermondsey.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:51 am
by kiwi
POST BY denise101
Hi I lived at 20 Ilderton Rd and went to Ilderton Road then the Aylwin school.
My dad was born in the house and my nan lived upstairs.
I remember most of the shops near my house. The dr's then Welchs, there was O'Briens - one shop sold cooked meat & next door sold dried goods and was an off licence. There was Stan Ross the chemist, a butcher, café & a plumbers merchant. On the other side of the road was a baker, greengrocers (Hales?), post office, haberdashery, hair dressers, fish shop, butcher and Putts.
I have fond memories of the area. I remember the grocers on the corner of bramcote grove/barkworth rd. There was a shop on the corner of Ilderton and Delaford which my mum called the egg shop - I think this was because they had the egg stall down the blue.
I remember going to the library in Spa Road and Spa bakers. My parents were friends with Milly & Tim Back who had the grocers on the way to the blue, it was on a corner of a road off Linton road. I used to drink in the Fort in the 70s.
Be great to hear from anyone else from the area.