Harry Hart, Johnny Hart, The Star Music Hall in Abbey Street

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Harry Hart, Johnny Hart, The Star Music Hall in Abbey Street

Postby Joyaa » Fri Mar 05, 2021 1:09 pm

Hi All,

I found my way to the forum when I did an internet search on something like: star music Hall bermondsey "Hart" :D

One of the results was this topic by Fosney: http://bermondseyboy.net/viewtopic.php?t=101&start=20 Harry Hart and Johnny Hart - both mentioned in the article (see below) - were the brother and nephew, respectively, of my three x great grandmother Elizabeth.

I'd love your help in learning a bit more about Harry and Johnny - stories, old photos of the Star from before 1900, anything at all. The article below refers to "page 30". Where is page 30?

Very many thanks in advance for your help, tips and tricks!

Joyaa. Born in Kent; living in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia :)

Abbey Street - Star Cinema - updates for page 30

In 1867 the Landlord of the Star and Garter Public House, Bermondsey, joined in the general enthusiasm to attach a "Music Hall" to the premises. With a seating capacity of 1395, it proved to be a money spinner. In 1883 he was able to sell at a considerable profit to Harry Hart "The Happy Hebrew" who had been associated with the Raglan at Bloomsbury, and the original Bedford at Camden Town.
.... In 1892 the "Star" temporarily renamed "Johnny Hart's "Temple of Terpsichore", saw the debut of Bessie Bellwood, a local girl whose profession was a rabbit skinner, with the song "What cheer, Ria" she went on to become one of the great names of music hall.

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