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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:08 am
by kiwi
Robert (Bobby) Abel, nicknamed “The Guv’nor”, Surrey & England opening batsman. Born in Commercial Road, Rotherhithe in 1857 & sadly died in 1936 totally blind. He played most of his earlier cricket in Southwark Park, where a Blue Plaque has been erected in his honour. Southwark Park was the original home of the Oval and you can still see the banks where spectators watched some of England’s greatest players, in particular Bobby Abel who was the first Englishman to carry his bat in a test innings and he still holds the record for the highest score for Surrey CC with his knock of 357 in 1899. Even when he was playing for Surrey he still remembered his roots & would return from time to time to play in Southwark Park. Not to sure about Commercial Road, as I can’t seem to locate it. I know there was a Commercial Street Off Lower Road in the 1860s, so maybe someone can confirm one way or the other.
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Located Commercial Road (1860). It ran across the Market Garden ,which was there at the time, before it became Southwark Park. A rough idea of where it run at the time, is from Gomm Road and towards Hawkstone Road and at the back of Orange Place, which is off Lower Road


Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:33 am
by DinaHaines
Since Abel was not earning much from cricket, he tried his hand at manufacturing cricket gear in 1894. His company came to be known as Abel & Son. Since his business started to incur losses, he sold it. He was given monetary help by his cricketing colleagues and friends in those difficult times.
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Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 11:46 pm
by kiwi
Thank you for the information Dina
Bobby was married to Sarah Reffell (1861–1923) at St Martin in the Fields on 31 January 1881, the daughter of Henry William Reffell (1833-1891) and Ann Bull (1836-1902) from the Bermondsey branch of the Reffell family. Both newly-weds were local with the marriages certificate giving their addresses as 7 and 22 Mercer Road. The family stayed in the area where they grew up, living in Raymouth Road, Pedworth Road, Trigon Road before moving to 43 Handforth Road in Kennington during 1888.
Bobby started a cricket manufacturing business with a business partner at 310 Kennington Road during 1894, subsequently becoming Abel & Son. By 1902, the business of Abel & Son was on the rocks and it was sold off.
Bobby was given financial assistance by his old club and well-wishers until he died at 43 Handforth Road on 10 December 1936, having outlived his wife Sarah by thirteen years. His estate was valued at £864 9s 7d. He is buried with Sarah and three of their children at Nunhead Cemetery.