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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:33 pm
by Eboothiz1234
Hi all, I have just finished ready One More for Saddler Street by Harry Bowling, my Auntie Elsie (nee Pocknell) gave me this as there is a Percy Pocknell in this book. I saw on one of the postings that someone had previously mentioned a Pocknell in it, my Fathers family all came from Bermondsey, he was called Leslie Pocknell, his dad was a Thomas Pocknell, there were also a lot of Pocknell Lightermen, Peter Pocknell who was my dads cousin. Any information, just incase we are related would be great. My dads grandma lived in 38 Alloa Road, just off Evelyn Street.

Look forward to hearing from you Gill Lewis (nee Pocknell)