We was all one

A Selection of videos of Bermondsey
and the people that lived there
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Re: We was all one

Postby bermondseyboy » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:31 pm

Posted by leslieb

bermondseyboy wrote:Posted by googiewivs

I have acopy of this video We were living in Victoria house Blendon Row at the time it was made.There is a quick shot of my wife and her mate looking out of the landing window.My wife is the one on the right of the window in blue cardy her mate Janet is in a yellow jumper.I could have joined them but decided to stand back and not be seen.Sometimes we play it and use the pause to see how young they are.There was a long time filming the rats there were hundreds of them in the park hut but this was edited out for some reason.

Hi, do you mean the women talking out separate small windows, woman on left in red and yellow striped jumper? The shot after this of the two women talking at the same window, woman on left wearing sunglasses and woman on right in blue jumper holding a handbag - that's my dads sister.

My dads mum lived in Victoria House from 1962 - 1964 at number 12, then 1965 - 1971 at number 21 (top floor). Her kitchen was a separate room across the small landing. I remember it all so well as a child. Then in 1972/73 my family had nowhere to live, having just moved back into the area from Dagenham (evicted) , that we had to move into my nan's empty derelict flat at number 21. At this time nearly everyone had moved out, I think. As far as I remember in this block there was just us and one other occupied flat, though I never saw these occupants. The council rehoused us in 1974 and we moved to Comber Grove, Camberwell.

I well remember Blendon Row and the park in the 60's. The conditions were really as bad as the film shows. So many memories.

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Re: We was all one

Postby bermondseyboy » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:32 pm

Posted by jsmith523

I so enjoyed watching this film. It made me laugh and cry.

My family all lived in the Guiness Trust in Pages Walk, their name was Padbury and Comber.
It was so nice to see what their lives were like my Mum and Dad did most of their courting down Hopping.Annie Padbury and Alf Smith, they have all gone now and I miss them all so much
At Christmas we would all go to Aunt Nells at 73 Pages Walk for our Christmas dinner, oh what happy memories of long ago when we was all one.

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Re: We was all one

Postby Downtheblue » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:39 pm

I cant believe this film , I remember it and some of the posts have mentioned names very very familiar !!

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Re: We was all one

Postby David Goldswain » Thu May 07, 2020 2:55 pm

bermondseyboy wrote:Posted by cjwalsh31

Part 2 and 3 is my G-Grandfather Joe Rolfe (Olliffe)1920s Bermondsey Boxer who boxed all the champions in england in he's time. Anyone who knew of him or have any info please contact me.
thanks Chris

Hi Chris, the family name is familiar to me, do/did you have a relative named Ronnie Oliffe? I believe he had two brothers, one of whom was deaf!
If you do then please let me know, I met Ronnie at the opening of a wine bar in Tower Bridge Road in the early 80's. Turns out that my dad was acquainted with the family back in the 50's too!
David Goldswain

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