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Re: East Lane

Postby fosney » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:53 am

Posted by Ian Martin

Hi all

I never went to the market in East Lane, but my Mum did with my Nan, she (my Mum) was over the other day and I was showing her this site and all the photos, she was so interested, then she started out with all her recollections, and before I could say anything, her first was Prince Monolulu!!

We found this soundtrack on youtube, dunno if you've all heard it or not?

Hope it works!!

all the best



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Re: East Lane

Postby kiwi » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:49 am

Fosney, if you look at my earlier post which is just above it does go some way in explaining maybe why the market was called a different name by certain people. Though this is not proof it is food for thought but I suspect we will never know.

I think the Boxer Tommy Noble was the one that sold White Horse Oils (Embrocation) outside the Church in East Street, which I think was called St Joseph’s or All Saints not sure.
I use to go to Wellington College Youth Club there which was held in a building to the side of the Church, this would have been the early 1950s. There were many activities within the club. It had a few good-sized snooker tables, table tennis tables and in the upstairs gym, a five-a-side football area plus either a 'Brownies,' or 'Girl Guides' group. I mainly went there for Boxing and have been told that the boxing coach at that time was a guy called Mick Healan. I can remember a scary looking guy with a cauliflower ear and a flat nose but he was more like a ‘gentle giant' as far as I can remember. One thing I can remember, was one night while training the coach said to me, hit me as hard as you can, I know I was only about thirteen but I put all my strength into it, hit him on the jaw and he just stood there as though it was a fly landing, he never even blinked It was like punching a brick wall.

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Re: East Lane

Postby kiwi » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:54 am

East Lane Market  in 1977.jpg
East Lane Market in 1977

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