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Postby kiwi » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:46 am

W S Shuttleworts & Co began in 1830 when William Sewell Shuttleworth started to trade in tea in Lincoln. The Company began producing chocolate products at the beginning of the 20th century which soon far outstripped the dwindling sales of tea and this side of the business closed down.
In 1881 the company diversified into trading in coffee and a small one storey building was bought in Debnams Road, Rotherhithe New Road where six coffee roasters were installed. The coffee trading part of the business was not as successful as had been hoped. In 1890 the fortuitous decision was made to enter the chocolate and cocoa business.
In 1892 the land the factory stood on was required by the South-Eastern Railway and Shuttleworth’s found a new site in Galleywall Road. After being taken over by Rowntree and transferring part of the production of the hugely popular After Eight Mints to Shuttleworths in the 1960s, Rowntree now began to view the factory in Bermondsey as a declining asset but no buyer could be found for the business or the site. Sadly, W S Shuttleworth and Co ceased trading in 1973 and the factory has long since been demolished.
Shuttleworths Chocolate staffs 100th Anniversary 19.jpg
Shuttleworths Chocolate staff,100th Anniversary.
Shuttleworth Galleywall Rd,Bermondsey..jpg
Shuttleworths Galleywall Road, Bermondsey.
Shuttleworth's Chocolate Factory in Galleywall Road Bermondsey in the 1950s

Posts: 1991
Joined: Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:53 am


Postby kiwi » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:01 pm

Hi There, I used to work in the factory after school cutting the grass with the Gardener. This was 1969 shortly before it closed down.
Cheers Downtheblue.
Hi Downtheblue hope I have it right now, sorry about the misunderstanding :? Cheers Kiwi.

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