Falmouth Road

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Falmouth Road

Postby kiwi » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:20 am

R Waygood and Co originally from Beaminster, Dorset, they moved in 1840 to Falmouth Road, Great Dover Street, London.
Waygood and Otis.
Waygood & Co, Falmouth Road..jpg
Waygood & Co, Falmouth Road.

Hydraulic lifts were still preferred over electric until two significant developments took place. First of all, in 1900 the alternating current induction motor was introduced. Then in 1903 Otis introduced the gearless traction electric elevator that enabled lift cars to transport passengers up high rise buildings with dozens of floors. Otis were not only innovating they were also expanding operations internationally and in 1913 Otis acquired Waygood & Co. By 1913 Waygood & Co was an officially recognized subsidiary of Otis. Up to the 1950's the combined company traded as Waygood Otis but then the Waygood name seems to have disappeared.

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