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In 1821 law enforcement was provided by a beadle, a constable and 14 watchmen. Those in white carried lanterns and called the hours and weather but others in blue carried cutlasses and searched dark corners! They operated from the watch house in the churchyard (pictured) from where they could also watch new graves in case of body-snatchers. This building had cells below where wrongdoers could be lodged temporarily. The Metropolitan Police was formed in 1829 and the watch house closed. It was replaced with a police station located in a house of 1814 in Paradise Street by 1836.
A Beadle was a Parish officer having various duties, as keeping order during services, waiting on the rector, etc
Watch House, St Marys Church, Rotherhithe. 1921 to 1929..jpg
Watch House, St Marys Church, Rotherhithe. 1921 to 1929
Watch House, Long Lane-Bermondsey St..jpg
Watch House, Long Lane-Bermondsey St..
Bermondsey St, now a Cafe.

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