Freemans Lane

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Freemans Lane

Postby fosney » Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:27 pm

Freemans Lane

There seem to be few photographic records of the Tower Bridge area before the construction of the bridge, and what was destroyed before construction of the approach road we have no idea.
Today on the forum we can throw some light on this area.
The drawing of Freemans Lane and Court shows the area before it was demolished to make way for the bridge approach some time around the 1890s.
Freemans Lane and Court was adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Free Grammar School (St Olaves as we knew it) and ran south from Shad Thames parallel to Horselydown. Please note, some of the street names used on the 1872 map are different to those used when the area was developed.
Anyone with further information on this area please let us all know.
Black arrow on map indicates Freemans Lane


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