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Re: Grange Road

Postby kiwi » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:18 am

The Pitts Head was situated at 14 Grange Road. I think this pub was on the corner of Woods Place which ran through to Webbs Street. Paragon Alley is further down and going pass Webb Street School. I remember when I went to Webb Street School late 40s early 5os, this was a furniture shop and there was a Factory behind the pub/furniture shop that made Ball-bearings.
Grange Road,The Piits Head Pub c1880..jpg
Grange Road,The Pitts Head Pub c 1880.
Grange Road, site off The Piits Head Pub 2018, I remember this as a Furniture Shop Early 1950s.jpg
Grange Road, site off The Pitts Head Pub 2018. Alley is now closed off

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