Blackman Leather Goods, Bermondsey Street

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Bernard Maguire
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Blackman Leather Goods, Bermondsey Street

Postby Bernard Maguire » Fri Feb 19, 2021 10:32 am

I am Bernard Maguire, born in Rotherhithe Sept 1939
My Father Bert was Managing Director of Blackman Leather Good co. and took me with him every Saturday for of tour of Bermondsey and to visit my Grandmother who lived in Keetons Road. Many of my family lived in the are and I had many happy times listening to their stories which I often repeat to my children and Grandchildren. We moved to South Norwood but returned very frequently. I spent my career in the NHS and when I retired I became a qualified guide at Southwark Cathedral and also take small groups on 'London Walks'
I discovered Bermondseyboy quite recently and have discussed it with Robert Elms (BBC) who has given talks promoting his books at the Cathedral.
I still plan to revisit (after lockdown) to catch up on changes to the area I remember and polish up the local 'walk' I do. I explain how I could find my way round by the associated smells of trades which has now changed. Farrier/Sarsons/PeekFreens/Pearce Duffs/ Tanneries et. but I would like to follow up my fathers leather company history as Blackman Leather Goods was part of Barrow Hepburn.
I'm glad I found this site.

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Re: Blackman Leather Goods, Bermondsey Street

Postby kiwi » Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:11 pm

Hi Bernard,welcome to the site and glad you are enjoying it. Not sure if it is of interest to you or if you have found it on site yet but there is a Barrow,Hepburn & Gale Topic, it is in Building & Streets, page 13. Safe visit after lockdown. Kiwi.
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