The great pie & mash debate

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Re: The great pie & mash debate

Postby kiwi » Mon Mar 20, 2023 10:51 pm

simondeboot wrote:Just to let any Londoners know that there is a pie and mash shop on Rochester high street that is as good as Manzes, when living in London my favorite pie shop was Manzes in Deptford high street but I would recommend the one in Rochester.

Hi simondeboot, welcome to the site and thank you for the information. I gather you mean the Cathedral Pie House? Have been in there and you are right smashing Pie & Mash, but then living in New Zealand any P&M shop is good.
Always went to Joyces P&M in Tower Bridge Road not Manzes, my preference and not because it was any better.
As a Londoner and you have recommended it, I’m quite happy to make the journey if you pay for the flight, then I will pay for the P&M and maybe a pint in The Queen Charlotte Pub or The Eagle to wash it down. ;) :) Kiwi.

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Re: The great pie & mash debate

Postby skenward » Thu Oct 26, 2023 9:28 am

rodebdon wrote:SPR Manze opened 1908 Bombed 1940.jpg

As we all know there are two kind's of people,those who eat their Pie's the right way up, and those who flip them over.The second group haveing exposed the soft white underside of the Pie,then attack it viciously with the spoon.Having inflicted terrible damage with that, they use the pointed fork, stab,stab,stab they go.After all this then comes the stinging vinigar, Ouch!

I on the other hand like mine the right way up, lovely crusty pastry on top ( like the dedicated ladies serve them) .Just a splash of chillie vinigar and a little salt on the mash and there you have it, perfect.

If you are of the first don't worry just be honest,I have an idea that you might be in the majority.

The picture is of the Manze's shop in Southwark, but the one in Tower Bridge Road was their first


Was the one at the end of the Blue during the 70s also a Manze's? I remember the tiled walls and benched seating very well.

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