Bricklayers Arms goods depot

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Re: Bricklayers Arms goods depot

Postby kiwi » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:08 am

This is ''A'' Yard of Bricklayers Arms Goods Depot, in about 1970, showing to good effect just how vast the area was. This is a westward view - the former main engine shed complex, at the end of the branch, was about ¾-mile distant. Rolls Road to the left and Dunton Road Bridge would have been behind the person taking the picture. I remember it well.
Bricklayer Arms Goods Depot ''A'' Yard c1970..jpg
Bricklayer Arms Goods Depot ''A'' Yard c1970..
Old Kent Road, Avondale Square, tower blocks 2015.jpg
Avondale Square Tower Blocks 2015

Two of the three high-rise blocks on the Avondale Square estate are seen here: West Point and Centre Point. East Point can just be glimpsed behind the building in the foreground.
These are the Tower Blocks you can see from the railway yard.

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